About Norsk Trevare

Norsk Trevare is the business assoication for wood manufacturers in Norway. We represent 312 companies, 5000 employees and 1.1 billion EUR turnover. 

Our members produce windows, doors, stairs and furnishings in wood. 

Norsk Trevare is a part of the Federation of Norwegian Construction Industries (BNL) and The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO). We also cooperate with other business associations in Norway, the Nordic Countries and Europe.

One of our goals is to simplify  the everyday-work for our members. We are 4 employees who work with e.g. education, political and legislative interests, statistics and councelling for our members.

We organize many different events and courses during the year, we arrange Trevaredagene ( Wood Days), Tecnical Forum and General Assembly every year and we also offer different study tours.

As a member og Norsk Trevare, you have the ability to help shape the public policy agenda for the industry. We  also offer different beneficial membership offers.

We work to create and sustain conditions that secure the competitiveness and profitability of business and industry, and thereby maintain the basis for a good standard of living, sound economic growth and sustainable development.

Contact us
Norsk Trevare
Box 7188, Majorstuen
N-0307 Oslo

Email: post@norsktrevare.no
Phone: + 47 23 08 75 00 

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Postboks 7188 Majorstuen, 0307 Oslo | Besøk: NHO Næringslivets Hus, Middelthunsgt. 27, 0368 Oslo | Tlf: 23 08 80 00 |  post@norsktrevare.no. Vi ønsker elektronisk faktura (EHF) til organisasjonsnummer 954 980 286.